Cronista Re d'Armi Russo-Italiano Imperiale

Established 2008 in descendancy from the Kingdom of Italy in the Holy Roman Empire, founded in 876
and the Pontifical Kingdom of Rus', founded 1199.

Affiliated with the Instituto Heráldico de la Ciudad de Buenos Aires

The Cronista Re d'Armi (Imperial Russo-Italian Chronicler King of Arms) is the sole heraldic authority for the Imperial Kingdom of Italy from its establishment by Holy Roman Emperor Charlemagne in the year 855 until the end of its formal functioning with the rise of the Napoleonic Kingdom of Italy in the year 1801, and for the Pontifical Kingdom of Ruthenia from 1199 until 1349. From 1801 and 1349 respectively to the present, the Cronista Re d'Armi remains a competent authority for Italian and Russian (Ruthenian) coats of arms in general and the primary authority for Italian coats of arms related to the Roman Empire and the Holy Roman Empire (distinct from the Savoy Kingdom of Italy and the Italian Republic) and the primary authority for Ruthenian coats of arms related to the Pontifical Imperial State (distinct from the later Romanov Dynasty or the Russian Federation). Today the Cronista Re d'Armi operates under the sovereign ecclesiastical authority of the United Roman-Ruthenian Church (Stato Pontificio Imperiale di Roma Rutena, distinct from and not part of or affiliated with the modern Vatican City-State or any other civil state) and may register or grant coats of arms to persons resident in, born in, or ancestrally affiliated with the territories of the Roman Empire, the Holy Roman Empire, or the Kingdom of Ruthenia; specifically Italy, Germany, France, Spain, and all other European countries, Britain, the Holy Land and the former Crusader States, North America, and South America, as well as the various nations affiliated with the territories of the Pontifical Kingdom of Ruthenia (Russia). The Cronista Re d'Armi also certifies genealogy and titles of nobility.



Registrations and grants of arms are recorded with an A2 size Document containing a high-quality rendering of the coat of arms, the name and details (including titles and honours, if any) of the grantee, and the appropriate seals of the Cronista. Arms are rendered in a standard format on the registration document according to the traditions of the Cronsita Re. All coats of arms are subject to approval before grants are issued.

Levels for registration and grants are as follows.

1. General Registration/Grant

2. Registration/Grant with Supporters

3. Registration/Grant with Mantle or Mantle and Pavilion

4. Registration/Grant with Supporters and Mantle or Mantle and Pavilion

Registrations/grants entail a customary donation to the church. For details, please contact the office of the Cronista Re.

Contact the Cronista Re


Seal in box pendant from a blue ribbon
from the heraldic grant document.

Heraldic grant with seal, tied with red cord, shown next to its tube.

General Notes on Design

1. Arms may be granted to gentlemen or ladies of good reputation at the discretion of the Cronista Re.

2. Supporters are typically only granted to nobles of the rank of Baron or higher.

3. A mantle is only granted to members of houses with baronial rank or higher. The royal mantle, i.e, the mantle with pavilion, is only granted to those sovereign houses above the rank of Duke and Prince.

4. Ecclesiastical arms for clerics are granted typically under the same provisions as their secular counterparts.

General example of a grant of arms. The name and titles of the recipient, as well as the blazon of arms
is included in the general text area. The wax seal and box (not visible) hang from the blue ribbon.



















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